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We are filmmakers, travelers, culture enthusiasts and passionate storytellers.
We have a ton of fun doing what we love.

Co-founder & CEO

Kathleen O’Heron

When I walked away from my TV job in New York and moved up to Maine to start a production company from the ground up, people were, well … surprised.  But I had a clear vision from Day 1. I wanted to build a boutique production company, specializing in authentic storytelling, staffed with a talented team of people who wanted to do the same thing.  I never looked back. Since opening the doors in 2005 with Johannes, Jynx has enjoyed continued growth, year upon year. For now, I am thoroughly enjoying the ride, making entertaining content with a great group of skilled pros. And, with an eye on the development of the company’s future,  I welcome projects that allow us to work with like minded broadcast partners, agencies, and brands.


Born:London, England

If I were a superhero, my talent would be:Time Travel. Linear time is so Industrial Age.

Co-founder & Executive Producer

Johannes Wiebus

My background is in Broadcast News Production. I worked as a reporter and producer for Bloomberg TV in London and New York before focusing on my passion for story telling – behind the camera. Since starting Jynx with Kathleen in 2005, I have directed dozens of short docs and executive produced several award-winning documentaries and commercials. Currently, I oversee all broadcast and commercial production at Jynx.


Born:Munich, Germany

If I were a superhero, my talent would be:Shooting fireballs from my hands! No real reason. I just think it'd be a cool party trick.

Snr. Producer / Head of Development

Thorben Rath

Since joining Team Jynx, Thorben’s adventures have taken him to all corners of the Americas. From learning survival techniques while stranded on a remote island off the coast of Mexico to scaling the Mendenhall Ice Caves in Alaska – Thorben has been there, and done that. When he’s not jumping on a plane to oversee the next shoot (or out of a plane for that matter), Thorben is developing our idea wish list into some pretty exciting TV.


Born:Hamburg, Germany

If I was a superhero, my talent would be:Flying... because I'm so fly.

Staff Video Editor

Melissa Gabriel

Melissa kicked off our hiring spree when she became Jynx Employee #1! In 2016, she decided to leave the glitz and glamor of the NYC ad world behind and move up north with her hubby and beloved office dog, Bella.  Melissa is our post-production shape shifter, equally at home working on a 30 second ad as she is putting together a 30-minute documentary.


Born:New York City

If I were a superhero, my talent would be:The Power of Persuasion would be nice. To persuade people to BE NICE!

Staff Video Editor

Chandler Knowles

Chandler first became passionate about editing during her time in the newsroom at Channel 13 in Portland. But, she always wanted to work on longer features that would afford her more time to dive into the footage and create something special. At Jynx, she does just that.  Since joining the team, Chandler has enjoyed editing a variety of projects, from trade show videos to documentary segments for TV, Chandler’s edit suite has been whirring since day one, without a single Breaking News Segment in sight.

AKA:Bing (jk)


If I were a superhero, my talent would be:Locating missing things. I'm great at finding other people's misplaced items!

Social Media Coordinator

Anna Wiebus

When she’s not in the library studying for her major in Public Relations, or recovering from a sorority party, Anna is in charge of Jynx’ Social Media feed. Those witty captions on Insta? That awesome production post on Facebook? – “That’s so Anna.”


Born:London, England

If I were a superhero, my talent would be:Reading people’s minds!


Matia Reimlinger

Matia jumped on the Jynx train at the end of 2019. After studying linguistics for a few years, she decided to give the whole media thing a go. She caught the bug and began producing compelling TV for “Galileo” on the Pro Sieben network in Munich. Taking the opportunity to spend some time filming in the US for Jynx, Matia packed her bag (and her Mandarin skills), and settled in Portland for a spell. Her first assignment, should she choose to accept it: Uncovering the Top 5 Secrets of the Secret Service. 😎


Born:Kempten, Allgäu (Bavaria)

If I were a superhero, my talent would be:The ability of beaming - to be able to switch places all the time

Director of Photography

Alex Sutula

Alex graduated Bowdoin in 2014, and quickly made a name for himself in the New England production world, shooting commercials, brand videos and docs. We convinced him to leave the freelance world behind and join Jynx full-time in 2019. Now Alex splits his time between studio shoots in Maine and documentary adventures around the Americas.  Most recently spotted in Mexico, Bolivia, Patagonia or Texas, Alex keeps his bags packed and camera batteries juiced up. Next stop? Who knows… maybe a galaxy far far away…



If I were a superhero, my talent would be:TBD

Melissa Gabriel
Video Editor

Fav project of all time: My favorite Jynx story to work on was definitely Akutaq. It was a story about “Eskimo Ice Cream” made by native Americans in Alaska. The footage was so beautiful and I loved getting a peek into a different culture, getting to see a day in the life of someone with a culture that was different from mine.

Thorben Rath

Thorben Rath
Supervising Producer

Weirdest thing I’ve ever done: I once got electrocuted and beaten up on camera to simulate a real-life kidnapping (for a story). I still have some burn marks on me, but the story got great ratings…!

Kathleen O'Heron
CEO & Co-founder

True story: I once got electrocuted and beaten up on camera to simulate a real-life kidnapping (for a story). I still have some burn marks on me, but the story got great ratings…!

Kerry Brookes
Production Assistant

True Story: I found the same exact couch in a house I lived in as a summer film intern at the Maine Media Workshops twenty-two years later. Parents confirmed!

Johannes Weibus
Executive Producer & Co-Founder

Fav story of all time: It involves a guy named Raffi who insists that the streets of New York are still paved with gold. He scours the sidewalks of the Diamond District every day, on his hands and knees, and scrapes gold dust off the pavement and out of cracks. We filmed him for two days, never believing he was actually finding anything. On Day 3 he took his dust to a smolder … and out came a little gold nugget worth $400. Now that’s TV Gold… literally.

Sheila Froughy

Coolest celebrity encounter: Well…I don’t want to brag, but I met the guy who sells cheese to Meghan Markle…


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